DYNEXA – For a common future

Dear customers and business partners, the rapid spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) poses a great challenge to each and every one of us. In these uncertain times we want to and can assure you of one thing: We will do everything in our power to provide you with DYNEXA’s service in the coming weeks in the usual high quality.

Our employees are working in close cooperation with our suppliers to process your orders without delay.

At the same time we have taken all necessary protective measures – to actively participate in the containment of the coronavirus, but also to continue to supply you reliably.

  • The majority of our employees have been working from home since last week on Monday
  • In our production, we work in a strictly separated shift system to keep the risk for the workforce as low as possible.
  • In addition, we have tightened up hygiene measures – strict adherence to these measures is consistently monitored.

In this way, we can ensure that you continue to receive your orders as quickly and reliably as possible.

We follow the recommendations of local and global health authorities.

And so far, we have done so without restricting ongoing operations. Our teams will take care of your concerns as usual, in cooperation with our manufacturers and suppliers.

Nevertheless, the situation is changing very quickly at the moment. We will keep you informed and thank you for your understanding and trust.