Composite tube, thermoset

Also known as: CFRP tubes, crossbar

Thanks to their outstanding material properties, CFRP tubes and profiles provide a wealth of new options

Our X-TUBE is a custom designed and manufactured cylindrical CFRP tube. In addition to the freely scalable geometric dimensions, we can also define all specifications regarding the axial, circumferential and torsional stiffness as well as material strength, thermal resistance, thermal expansion, damping (also available in highly dampening special versions) and chemical resistance. As a further parameter, we also offer a broad selection of surface finishes, for example, prepared for bonding, coating or painting, carbon fiber look, clear resin chemical protection layer, and even impact-protection.

Using our X-BAR technology, we are able to offer and develop all kinds of convex, non-circular as well as rectangular or square profile cross-sections with the previously mentioned range of surface finishes. Upon request, the X-TUBE and well as X-BAR products are available as special versions with a varying diameter along the length of the profile.

The combination of our fiber-reinforced composite’s properties, especially those of the CFRP, which are optimized for your application needs, will open up new horizons for the design of components, systems as well as machinery, and help to overcome the boundaries which have already been reached with conventional metal-based materials.