Machine supports, structures

Also known as: Truss, truss structure, structure, tension strut, pressure strut, strut, tie rod

Precise supports and structures for dynamic and mobile applications

Our X-RODs are FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) tie-rods and struts based on our composite X-TUBEs. Frames composed of X-RODs are referred to as an X-GRID. Such support structures are the ultimate in lightweight construction design, and are often found in dynamic and mobile applications with lower loading.

The requirements on X-RODs and X-GRIDs are often aimed at increasing accuracy. Thus we are familiar with thermostable lattices for measurement tasks, or damping or vibration-compensated structures in dynamic applications.

One example of this is an X-GRID gantry bridge with a width of 12 m, through which it is possible to mill molds for very large yachts at an East German shipyard. A decisive factor for selecting X-GRID technology was the large working areas of the Y and Z axes. A steel bridge with an overall width of more than 12 meters would have been difficult to accelerate. The complete CFRP bridge, including spindle and drives, weighs in at only 3,000 kg, which is a small fraction of a comparable steel structure. Rapid milling speeds are therefore possible, while maintaining a low energy consumption of only 7,000 Wh.

Such structures offer significantly higher natural frequencies and the five-fold damping compared to steel. The conversion of vibration into internal warmth ensures amplitude reduction and an accelerated decay of induced vibrations. X-GRID: Provides an optimal compromise between size, rigidity and speed. This will also benefit the quality of the milled surface.