Cantilever, beams and box girder

Also known as: Support beams, carrier beams, cantilever beam, box beam, shear span girders, beams, girders, functional beams, gantry beams

CFRP: Material properties suited for machine tools

A cantilever beam as a support element in mechanical engineering faces challenging requirements, which can be intelligently met through the use of CFRP. The reduction of the component weight by up to 70% is highly beneficial for mobile and manual applications. In addition, we are often asked for solutions for situations involving limited working space, temperature-sensitivity or high-precision processes. One example of this would be a CFRP support beam for a coating application, where process accuracy is complicated by large width and temperature fluctuations. A combination of low deformation under load and a near-zero coefficient of thermal expansion provide an elegant and optimal solution.

DYNEXA and its X-BEAM product family. The close co-operation with our customers and the specific knowledge of their processes allows us to tweak the CFRP material properties, thus creating added-value which compensates the increased product cost.