Wind power couplings

Also known as: GFRP drive shaft (wind industry), GFRP coupling (wind industry), drive shaft (wind industry), coupling (wind industry), spacer (wind industry)

Insulating Fiberglass tubes for wind power applications

Electrically insulating fiberglass tubes from DYNEXA are the basis for the wind power couplings of many well-known drive technology specialists. Specifically designed for use in wind turbines, these couplings connect the fast-running transmissions with the generator shaft.

Typical for this dynamically growing industry are the unit numbers in the range of several 10³ pcs/yr, which are manufactured by DYNEXA in highly-automated production systems. The seamless, 100% traceable documentation of each individual unit is thereby guaranteed. Our production is certified by Germanischer Loyd (GL), Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and many others. DYNEXA is a specialist for such high-quality fiber-composite tubes, and thus, the extensive failure and life-cycle testing of new designs is a standard procedure for us. We encourage you to approach us regarding your new wind turbine couplings.