Ship propeller shafts

Also known as: Propeller shaft, shaft

Powerful ship drives thanks to lightweight construction technology using carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)

Since the mid-1990s, DYNEXA has been manufacturing carbon shafts for use in fast ferries (mono-hull and catamaran), luxury yachts, marine and cruise ships, as well as for tugs, pilot and hydrofoil boats as well as many others. We are the specialist for CFRP spacers, and thus the development partner and supplier for manufacturers of marine powertrain systems. With more than five hundred large shafts delivered with lengths up to 12 m and diameters up to 800 mm for the transmission of torques of up to 800 kNm, impressively underline our market-leading position.

Regardless of whether it lies between motor, transmission or water-jet, the shaft needs to be perfectly tuned to its operating environment.  Our CFRP material enables spacers with particularly high critical speeds, permitting the spanning of great lengths without the need for intermediate bearings, or a reducing the number of intermediate bearings along the power train. Our X-SHAFT is up to 70% lighter than a conventional shaft. The ratio of torque stiffness to bending stiffness is perfectly adapted for the individual application. CFRP shafts reduce sound and vibration through their damping properties as well as offering corrosion-resistance.  They have very long life cycles because they are wear and maintenance-free. If desired, we can provide you with integration services for additional interfaces (e.g. bulkhead wall seals), special versions (e.g. with a flame retardant coating) as well as the dimensioning of the joining technology which is required to withstand the loading interface to the metal flange.

Our X-SHAFTs meet the requirements of the major classification societies, for example, Germanischer Loyd (GL), Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as well as any other required classification.