Couplings and spacers

Also known as: CFRP drive shaft, carbon fiber coupling, spindle shaft, dynamometer shaft, test bench shaft, connecting shaft, brake shaft

Lightweight drive shafts made of dynamic materials produced in single and series production

Our X-SHAFT family of light, torque transmitting fiber composite shafts has differentiated itself into a broad range of technical applications and versions throughout the course of the last decade. Our references include applications which can be found in the fields of machine tools, textile, paper and printing press technology, in pump, mixing or cooling tower applications, as well as in acoustic or test benches for engines and turbines, gears, shafts, as well as in special areas such as Formula 1 or electromagnetic technology.

What they all have in common, is the consistent implementation of the material properties of fiber composites into beneficial aspects for the application. This makes it possible, for example, to utilize considerably longer connecting shafts are than conventional steel shafts at the same speed in machine tools while avoiding the need for intermediate bearings. Applications in tight installation spaces can benefit from smaller shaft diameters. The high resonant frequency and damping of an X-SHAFT in connection with its very low mass and inertia, provides good response behavior, as well as high dynamics and accuracy for the application.

We can design laminates for high speed, and even for highest speeds, for high damping, for electrical insulation or for electrical conductivity, for impact protection and corrosion resistance, and, of course for a certain torsional stiffness of the shaft.

We would be happy to support you in the design, development and implementation of customized FRP shaft concepts for your applications, regardless of whether it’s for a single pieces or mass-production.