Composite drive shaft tube

Also known as: Drive shaft tubes, coupling shaft tubes, carbon fiber drive shaft, drive shaft GFRP, GFRP coupling shaft, cooling tower shaft, impeller shaft, drive shaft, coupling, spacer, CFRP shaft flange

Carbon(CFRP) drive shafts from a modular system, dimensioned online

DYNEXA is specialized in the design and manufacture of tubes and profiles made of high-quality fiber-reinforced composites. We offer a broad range of powertrain components including standard versions from a modular system for drive technology specialists in cost-sensitive applications. Most importantly, our X-TUBE, a composite tube which is available in many sizes, laminate designs, and surface finishes.

Our drive shaft design program can assist your design work for the construction of drive shafts made of high-end composites, and also offers the opportunity to perform technical and economical optimizations. The software is divided into the areas of loading data, tube dimensions, laminate properties, safety factors, tube properties, shaft properties, bonding connection and sales price.

Additionally, we can provide design proposals as well as processing instructions for standardized shaft/hub connections, which will empower the drive technology specialist to manufacture high-performance composite drive shafts.

Naturally we are also able to design and manufacture composite drive shafts for non-standard applications as well.