Automotive propeller shafts

Also known as: Drive shaft (Automotive), propshaft, cardan shaft, universal joint shaft

Carbon brings significant weight reduction in the powertrain

Motor vehicle must reliably transfer the torque generated by the engine from the transmission to the rear wheels. The shafts used for rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles often bridge substantial distances before they reach the differential gear boxes, this often necessitates the use of intermediate bearings. The high specific stiffness of CFRP enables our X-PROP shafts to become significantly longer without the need for intermediate bearings. The reduction of weight (and the associated costs) through the omitted bearings and universal joints, represent a major part of the added value that our carbon shafts offer. Similar conditions are also applicable to many applications for the commercial and special vehicle industry.

We manufacture composite propeller shafts in automotive serial production, focusing on meeting the requirements of our OEM and Tier 1 customers, which include:  Minimum shaft weights, patented crash concepts, defined load capacity, reliably scalable force introduction processes, the use of cardan-shaft components from leading manufacturers, while maintaining the smooth integration of the CFRP shaft into the vehicle in terms of performance, installation space, acoustics and costs.