• INOMETA and DYNEXA to promote composites in the oil and gas industry

INOMETA and DYNEXA to promote composites in the oil and gas industry

Since the very beginning of composite related market reports, the industry segment of Oil and Gas had its place in such.

 Applications for composites in this sector are manifold, but with its products not being as apparent as in Aerospace, Wind Energy or Automotive applications. Nevertheless, composites play a role in the Oil and Gas Sector and there is still more potential for solutions made from fiber reinforcements.

The performance of composites given by its stiffness, strength, low weight as well as properties like chemical resistance or low coefficient of expansion are also demanded features in the Oil and Gas Industry. Of equally importance is the fact that composites can be machined out of the borehole much easier than the usually applied aluminum and steel products used downhole.


Under the working title INOwell the companies INOMETA and DYNEXA, both part of German AVANCO Group, join their passion and expertise for composites to customize solutions for the global Upstream Industry, the sector of the Oil and Gas Industry that includes searching for potential underground or underwater crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling exploratory wells, and subsequently drilling and operating the wells that recover and bring the crude oil or raw natural gas to the surface. The products concerned range from casings, risers, screens, plugs and centralizer sleeves to other special tubular parts designed to solve numerous problems and limitations.

INOMETA is the innovation leader and first contract manufacturer for laser assisted thermoplastic tape winding. This process allows manufacturing products with specific material features and thin walled parts in large quantities. DYNEXA contributes with its composite expertise based on the wet filament winding process and its proven expertise in part design, serial production and compatibility to metal fittings and joints.

Composites for Oil and Gas
Duroplast Composites

Under INOwell, these competences are further combined with unique know-how in functional surface and coating technology enhancing ductility, wear resistance and anti-corrosion to enable composite components performing under the hardest and most critical conditions while overcoming historical performance limits.

In times of ever-growing competition and cost pressure, composite solutions create access to new performance potential enabling productivity improvements in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as alternative industries such as Geothermal Energy and Salt Wells.


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