• By using CFRP and GFRP, DYNEXA provides the decisive advantage in electric motor and pump technology.

By using CFRP and GFRP, DYNEXA provides the decisive advantage in electric motor and pump technology.

We DYNEXA offer solutions and methods for unconventional thinkers and innovators who are looking to achieve great things, gain a competitive edge and think in new dimensions with the help of new material concepts.

To improve speed and performance, we design components made of CFRP and GFRP as motor spindles, rotor bandages, cans or housings.

DYnexa CFK Rohr für Elektromotor
  1. A can made of fiber composite can be manufactured much thinner than a steel solution and, with optimum use of the installation space, allows a small air gap which leads to an increase in the performance of the motor or pump.
  2. A ring reinforcement of glass fiber or carbon fiber secures the magnets against loosening by the resulting centrifugal forces. By exchanging a steel band for a composite ring reinforcement, both the air gap to the stator can be reduced and the rotor can be dimensioned larger. The use of non-conductive glass fiber significantly reduces the eddy currents that occur. These optimizations make it possible to achieve significantly higher speeds and improved performance.
  3. Due to their lighter weight, motor spindles made of carbon can rotate faster and a considerably longer bearing distance can be achieved.
  4. A housing made of fiber composite dampens vibrations and does not have to be painted due to its appealing appearance.
DYNEXA CFRP Motor Components
DYNEXA CFRP Motor Components

Corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.

All fiber composite components are corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.

DYNEXA has a large machine and tool park at its disposal for the production of these components, from one-off production to large-scale production. Our machines can be individually adapted so that the properties of the manufactured component can be implemented and manufactured exactly to the requirements of the overall component.

You know the weaknesses of steel, we know the strengths of CFRP. Together we develop new solutions for your advantage.


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