We feel obligated to perform our actions in an eco-friendly manner

The AVANCO Group is committed to the protection of our environment and its natural resources. We develop and distribute products on international markets, which facilitate an eco-friendly and energy-saving handling of our resources through their improved energy balance.

In addition to the product focus, ecological sustainability has the highest level of priority for the manufacturing processes within the AVANCO Group. The full compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations as well as the applicable statutory provisions is a matter of course for us. Additionally, we are continuously engaged in efforts to optimize our machinery and processes, and to restrict the use of valuable resources to the required minimum. We also develop recycling measures, by means of which we are able to take advantage of our most valuable raw material, the carbon fiber, and reutilize up to 100% of this material directly in the process, without any down-cycling effects. Our additional efforts are directed at substituting our raw materials and additives with eco-friendly alternatives.

If the ecological, economical and social impacts for the production of fiber composite materials are taken into account in a life-cycle assessment study, they will be proven as environmentally efficient and sustainable. Compared to traditional materials such as steel or aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastics create lower environmental emissions, consume less energy during the production and emit less greenhouse gases, which in turn leads to a reduced burdening of the environment and a better CO2 balance. Furthermore, at the end of their service life, fiber composites can also be easily recycled. They do not endanger the health, air or water, but are rather perfectly suitable for an eco-friendly recycling. Fiber-reinforced plastics have additional resource-efficient potentials, if they are used with eco-friendly bio-resins and natural fibers.