Configure cfrp tubes and cfrp shafts

Technische Zeichnung

the modular concept for composite drive shafts

For the first time, the configurator uses a modular concept for composite drive shafts. This guarantees fast and flexible design with a high degree of individuality at competitive conditions.

You can configure the X-TUBE, here shown in black, under consideration of your own metallic connections.

However, you can now also calculate and order incl. matching DYNEXA flanges and receive them already pre-installed. Through the optional adapter disk, you can adapt from the DYNEXA flange to the respective counterpart. This two-part design significantly reduces the amount of machining required compared to the hubs commonly used today.

Technische Zeichnung

What makes composite so popular for drive shafts?

Traditional materials have isotropic properties. Load changes require geometrical adaptations. However, limits are often quickly reached, also because the internal stresses become the limiting factor itself.

Composites, on the other hand, are “designed materials” which, compared to steel or aluminum, exploit a further degree of freedom. Thanks to the individual material design, fiber composites allow the product properties to be tailored to individual requirements. 

For drive shafts, this means more flexibility, higher performance and new design options. By using DYNEXA composite shafts, you can replace two-piece shafts with one-piece shafts, redefine emergency stop limits and use smaller drives. You may build shafts as long as you never thought possible at higher rpm.

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Why a configurator and not a price list?

If you already know composites, you also know the downside. In order to fully exploit the degrees of freedom, the material structure must be considered according to each load case. The dimensioning is therefore individual – every time. Not only in terms of design, but also in terms of production.

Composites are therefore often referred to niche products, which are only used if conventional approaches are exhausted. The question “why” is frequently answered in a simple and logical manner: It is too complicated, difficult to plan, too time-consuming and therefore too expensive.

This is exactly where the configurator comes in. We make it as easy for you as it has never been possible before. In 3 steps, you develop your own economically attractive and quickly available solution based exclusively on your load data. You don’t have to be a composite expert or deal with jointing technologies. We take care of that for you. Our configurator is available to you day and night.  A piece of digitalization in lightweight design.

Now planning becomes – technically and commercially – dependable at a more attractive price!

What do you do if you don’t find what you are looking for?

The configurator uses a unique modular system. This enables a quick and cost-efficient solution. If requried, we can create even more individual solutions. Feel free to contact us.