CFRP in series production

In the detail design phase, the true-scale, detailed draft is turned into component draw-ings suitable for production. In this way, the design takes into consideration assembly-friendly tolerance concepts as well as the tools and manufacturing processes needed to run an efficient and cost-effective CFRP production. We then run one more set of computer-based manufacturing method simu-lations to either detect process design errors early on or even to determine possible influ-ences on the mechanical calculations.

Success in Large Quantities

We can satisfy all your wishes, from individual units and small series to large series pro-duction. In this context, our manufacturing technology focusses on filament winding technology. In addition, we are putting more focus on further production methods such as compression molding, and within the Avanco group of companies, there is practically no method of manufacture for fiber composites that we do not have access to.

Efficiency in Implementation

On a global scale, we have the largest carbon fiber winding capacity. At the same time, optimized and highly automated processes allow us to effectively produce even small quantities, going from design and process planning all the way to production. The com-prehensive stock of existing winding tools helps ensure that normally no additional tools need to be obtained when working with stan-dard dimensions.It goes without saying that we avoid all un-necessary waste during production. Careful planning and production know-how create efficiencies that are beneficial to you.

Quality in Series Production

As fiber composite experts with nearly 30 years of process and production experience, we have continuously geared our quality man-agement towards the special requirements of our material. Our products require the excep-tionally high awareness of quality of each and every employee and a strong focus on using defined processes.Our process-oriented thinking focusses on series production, we are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and have developed several quality management tools which we use for things such as evaluating our suppliers, mate-rials, production processes and prototypes.